Jared Hess Reteaming with Jack Black for 'Micronations' Comedy

The next project from director Jared Hess, who previously gave us Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre, Gentlemen Broncos and Don Verdean (at Sundance 2015), has been revealed. Hess is confirmed to direct Micronations. The Buffalo Film Company has announced details about the new film, which will star Jack Black as a loveable oddball who finds a place to belong among the bizarre and ridiculous world of "do-it-yourself countries" - made up of various eccentrics and visionaries who have declared their own backyards sovereign nations… or "micronations." After taking on religious antics with Don Verdean, this sounds like the perfect topic for Hess & Black to tackle next. And should fit right in with today's crazy political culture.

"Once I learned that there were people within the United States who have created their very own countries, I knew I had to make a movie about them," says director Jared Hess. "Jack and I have been looking for another project to team up on, and the hilarious world of MICRONATIONS spoke to both of us."

In the film, Black's character gets in with a group that has established a "micronation". He's soon recruited as Head of Defense for the nation of Valoria (population: 12), and is thrust into an overblown battle with neighboring nation, Wayne County, Nevada. The screenplay is written by "New Girl" writers Robert Snow and Christian Magalhaes, meaning this is a departure for Hess who usually co-writes his screenplays with his wife, Jerusha Hess (who made her feature directing debut in 2013 with Austenland). Jack Black's company, Electric Dynamite, and Damon Ross will produce with the Buffalo Film Company. Hess & Black last teamed up for Nacho Libre, a better-than-expected comedy. I'm hoping for the best with this film, too.