Roger Deakins Will Be Cinematographer on Villeneuve's 'Blade Runner'

This is when everyone should finally lose their sh*t. It has been officially announced that the new Blade Runner movie, being directed by Denis Villeneuve, will feature Roger Deakins as cinematographer. What?! DEAKINS?! Awesome, just awesome. Roger Deakins is one of the best cinematographers working today, only rivaled by the likes of Emmanuel Lubezki or Janusz Kaminski . He has been working with Denis Villeneuve on his last two films, shooting both Prisoners and Sicario (which just premiered at Cannes) for the Quebecois filmmaker. They'll move onto Blade Runner, even though it likely won't start shooting until 2016 sometime. No other details were revealed, and the press release doesn't even mention Gosling (yet).

"Roger is an extraordinary talent and we are very excited that Denis and Roger have chosen to continue their collaboration in bringing the sequel to Blade Runner to the big screen," the producers said.

Here's all we do know: Harrison Ford has already been confirmed to return as Rick Deckard, and the story takes place decades after the events of the original Blade Runner, which was actually set in the year 2019. Word is that Ryan Gosling has also been cast in the lead role, but nothing is confirmed on that front yet. Production won't start until the summer of 2016. Denis Villeneuve is directing from a script by Hampton Fancher, co-writer of the original Blade Runner, with Green Lantern writer Michael Green contributing as well. And finally, Roger Deakins will be cinematographer. Deakins last shot Villeneuve's Sicario and the Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar!, and has 12 Oscar nominations, but no win yet. Everything about this sounds like it's potentially going to turn out pretty damn good. And now with Deakins? I must admit: I can't wait.